About Us

A little about our founder Kylie Wall...

As someone who's always had curves, I found it hard to find brands that created fashionable pieces for my body. I dreaded upcoming events knowing I'd have to find something to wear and as the only curve person in the group, sharing outfits wasn't an option. I'd have to face the awkward shopping experience. The one where you know nothing fits, but your besties want you to try things on anyway. Disaster!

It was these moments and seeing that the majority of the rental market still wasn't catering for curve bodies that Ahead Of Your Curves came to be. We want to create a community where our customers can have fun with fashion, have endless stylish pieces to choose from and help them feel confident. 

We hope that everyone who rents a piece from Ahead Of Your Curves feels like there is a brand out there for them. 

We hope you enjoy renting our collection of brands as much as we do!