How can I tell if an outfit is available?
Once you’ve found the outfit you love, just click on the calendar and find the date for your event. We recommend selecting a date two days before your event. That will ensure you get maximum time with your outfit and there are no delays. 

Can I try my dress on before I book?
AOYC is an online only business, however, we have used a range of models to show how the outfits look and also advise if we feel the outfit runs small, true or large. If you're ever in doubt just message us on info@aheadofyourcurves.com.au.

Can I book my outfit for longer than four days?
As we grow our business, we'd love your feedback on the types of rental periods you'd like to see. If you need your rental for a longer than four days, reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do. 

How far in advance can I book?
Up to six months in advance, so you can be super prepared!

What if I need to change or cancel my order?
If you need to change or cancel your order, please email us at info@aheadofyourcurves.com.au. Details of cancellation charges and timeframes can be found in our Terms of Service located here: Terms of Service – Ahead Of Your Curves

Do I need to clean my outfit?
The good news is, we do all the cleaning for you! We ask that you do not attempt to remove stains as this may damage the item more. Just pop the item in the prepaid satchel and drop it off to your local Australia Post Office or Yellow Express Postal Box on Day 4.

Garment Quality

All rental and sales items are checked prior to delivery however, as we are a rental brand and the outfits are worn more than once, minor scuffs, pulls or fading may occur. This is reflected in the price and if we feel that the garment is not of a standard then we will remove from the website. 


What sizes do you stock?
AOYC is excited to offer rentals in sizes 14-24. We want everybody to have access to beautiful designer outfits to rent. As we grow, we will continue to heavily invest in buying up as many pieces as we can. Shoot us over the designers and outfits you’d love to rent. 

How can I make sure that the dress will fit?
First things first, let's make sure you know your measurements. We can't stress that enough. Once you know your measurements, please check the size chart that goes along with the outfit you like, as we all know, all brands are different. As a guide, we recommend using the below chart to do your measurements. 

What happens if the item doesn’t fit me?
This is where checking your measurements against the particular item size chart is important. If the item delivered is not as described, return the item back to us within 24 hours and we can arrange an exchange. We do our best to provide as much information as possible on the style, fit and size of the dress to help you choose the right outfit for you. If you are unsure before renting, please reach out to us at info@aheadofyourcurves.com.au we are happy to help.


What is Rental insurance and do I need it?
All our rentals automatically come with $100 of accidental damage insurance included. This covers things like broken zips, lost buttons, and minor stains. By adding an additional accidental damage insurance for only $10 this increases your level of cover up to $500 for major damage, repairs and stains.
What happens if I lose the rental, or it’s damaged beyond repair?
Contact us at info@aheadofyourcurves.com.au if you have had any issues with the product (late, lost, damaged). In case the item is lost or damaged beyond repair (in a condition where we cannot re-hire) you will be liable for The Replacement Cost; this is the full retail cost of the items plus GST plus delivery and any repair or laundering cost that have occurred during the assessment period. If you have taken up accidental damage insurance, you will only incur the difference between the $500 insured amount and The Replacement Cost. 

What if I return my dress late?
In the case you delay in returning the goods to us, a late fee of $30 per day will be charged.  



Details about Delivery and Returns can be located here: Delivery and Returns – Ahead Of Your Curves