AOYC Favourite Things - Curve Edit

Join me as I share my AOYC’s Favourite Instagram Curve Accounts. These accounts have uplifted, inspired, and filled me with a renewed sense of self-love. 🌟✨🚀

Kylie Wall xx

Lil Ahenkan aka Flex.mami

I know I’m late to the party here, but WOW. Flex.Mami thrives on sparking mind-bending conversations, fostering vibrant communities, and whipping up some amazing  content. Why do I love her? She’s authentic, isn’t afraid to try her hand at multiple ventures but most importantly, I love her self confidence her ability to own every aspect of who she is, (something I wish I had at her age) and infectious smile!. Lil is stylish, colourful and an icon for women everywhere.



Maelee’s instagram account captured my heart years ago, well before the increased exposure of the body positivity movement. I was scrolling and came across a post of Marelee in a black underwear set, un-filtered and it read: Be unapologetically you!

Yes I've got lumps & bumps, since motherhood I've learnt to embrace who I am! I try to be kind to my inner thoughts and remember this. Following Maelee many moons ago gave me inspiration and confidence to step outside of my own fashion comfort zone and explore some of the beautiful outfits she showcased.

Thanks Maelee. Join me in following maelee_curvemodel  for your reminder to embrace your curves.


Where have you been all my life! I came across Simone a few months back when researching models for our first Ahead Of Your Curves photo shoot. I was automatically drawn to her effortless style and magical features.On set Simone was fun, never without a smile and a positive energy that I adored being around. Simone hit the runway recently at the @melbournefashionfestival and provided some insight into behind the scenes of the show. Her account showcases how vibrant, carefree and fun she is! A model to watch if you aren't already.



Bedi is a speaker, activist, entrepreneur and model who caught my eye back in 2020 when I saw a post on Business Chicks.  Bedi was sharing a business she co founded called DivTal, an online job platform that connects those recruiting to candidates from underrepresented minority backgrounds. Amazing! I then recognised Bedi on the catwalk for @ausfashionweek and have been obsessed with her ever since



Laura allows her followers a glimpse into her adventures as Head of Entertainment @mamamiaaus and host of the @thespillpodcast. Her recent podcast on the emmy’s and the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry, and heartfelt comments on Lizzo’s fantastic acceptance speech, had me hooked! Insights into her encounters with celebrities, premieres and what she is wearing keep me engaged and wanting more!

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